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By Frenchie Brands is a black woman-owned small business from Tai French comprised of 5 different brands:

FACE By Frenchie, FINGAZ By Frenchie, FOOD By Frenchie, FLAVA By Frenchie and St. Francis Beardsman by Frenchie.

FACE By Frenchie is a health & beauty line that features matte lip colors, essential oils and natural skin care made by Frenchie. {SHOP}

FINGAZ By Frenchie is a custom fashion fingernail press-on and nail polish line. {SHOP}

FOOD By Frenchie is a health + eco conscious meal prep and delivery service. {SHOP}

FLAVA By Frenchie is a classic + exotic collection of all natural vegan seasoning & spice blends. {SHOP}

St. Francis Beardsman By Frenchie is a men's beard & mustache grooming kit made with all natural ingredients. {SHOP}


Our mission is to provide healthy nourishment for the full body with simple yet innovative cosmetics, skin & beard care, and mindful meals & ingredients for all.


Our philanthropic efforts lend to providing youth educational resources and leisure alternatives through creative arts such as: dance, acting, writing, music, and painting/drawing. Additionally, we support the work of the Morris-Young Legacy House, a non-profit organization that provides mental health services and resources in Los Angeles County and beyond.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, I've always had big dreams as a young girl. I love to create! Creating has always been my outlet. One of the earliest times I can remember was when I was 9 years old. I took my mother's empty Victoria's Secret fragrance bottles, picked fresh flowers from the front yard, muddled them with water, then brought the refilled bottles to school and sold them to my 4th & 5th grade peers. The teachers instructed me to stop, but I wanted to clear house, so I continued to open up shop--and my products were in high demand. Since outright defying the teachers, they told my father about my little "business." As my father was the disciplinarian in my household, I was sure I was to get in trouble. However, my father took the news and relayed a shocking lesson to me. He told me, "I don't see anything wrong with it, that's free enterprise." At 9 I had no idea what free enterprise meant, but I took it to mean, "Keep at it." That's what I did ever since, not in school, but I began creating products and businesses from that point on. 

In addition to my entrepreneurial tactics, I was stimulated by the arts. Starting at age 11, I took dance and acting lessons, and even went on to being represented by a commercial and theatrical talent agency from the age of 13 to 20. While earning my B.A  in English at Cal State University Northridge, I started a production company called "Vintage City Entertainment," where we develop and produce stage productions, web series, and short films to name a few. 

Philanthropic efforts have always been in the forefront of what I do. When I wrote and directed my first feature film in 2004, I linked up with the W.A.V.E. Foundation which focuses on women against violence. Since the film was based on a true story about teenage domestic violence that ended in a tragic death, we donated all of the proceeds from the screening of the film to the foundation. The By Frenchie Brands approach to charity and philanthropy is no different. My goal is to find another charity with a central focus on the youth and become a donor and volunteer.  

That's me in a nutshell. Thank you for being here, and I hope to inspire you in whatever way I can, because all we have is right now. Be the light.





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